Katie’s Baby Registry

What I registered for and why I love it

(because I’m tired of texting it to all my new mama friends and baby shower guests)

Baby tools and items have the fastest turn around rates when it comes to new things coming in and old things going out of style. I’m sure by the time I post this, something on my list will be recalled, but just in case you are creating your own registry or wanting to give something special to someone about to have a baby: here are a few of my favorite things!

Baby registry.png

(from left to right)

  • Bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair | I love this because it tips back so you can start using it before your baby is ready to sit all the way up. Nice when you want to cook something and don’t want to bend down to the ground to check on your little. It’s also really pretty.

  • Infant Optix Baby Monitor | My must list was for something not to be wifi operated (what if it goes down or is slow or is hacked!?), shows me the temperature of the room, can have more than 1 camera for multiple littles, and has 2 way communication.

  • Baby Bjorn Bounce Chair | Love this for traveling and for them to have something that is not electronic or heavy to set up for her while I take a shower or get ready. We called it “Stella’s make-up chair” for the first few months as I got the hang of looking like a human with a newborn.

  • Halo Bassinet | Loved this for a co-sleeping alternative. This was by my bed until probably the first 3-4 months. It adjusts to be level with my bed so I can see her through the mesh without sitting up to check on her, it has storage for diapers and nighttime necessities, it swivels for when I need to get out of bed without disturbing her, and it has some other features that I didn’t really use. And again, it’s not ugly.

  • Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water | IDK how or why but this is a lifesaver. When your babes aren’t old enough for medicine medicine (or even when they are and you don’t necessary need to give it to them), this was a great, natural option for gas, fussiness, etc. We burned through probably 5 bottles before Stella was 6 months.

  • Dock a Tot | Worth the hype. This sucker seems like it is just a pool noodle on a pillow in a pillowcase, but for whatever reason, it works! Stella napped, chilled, and did tummy time with this puppy for the first few months. There is some research you might have to do for yourself about if they should sleep in it, but my daughter and my niece had it in their crib with no issue! I also loved just laying it on my dining table when people visited the first few weeks so that they could see her but she had a solid perimeter around her to avoid germs!

  • UPPABABY Vista Stroller | THIS. When you are a mom, your stroller and your carrier basically are up there with your car on level of importance IMO. I wanted something that had a bassinet feature in addition to sit up seats and carrier clip ins, something that I could open and close with one hand, something that stood up on its own when folded, something that could convert into a double stroller easily, and something with an extra-large basket underneath. And once again, it’s so pretty!

  • Moms On Call Book | I’m not going to get into the politics of sleep training and different methods, but all that aside, this book was an excellent reference and quick read for an anxious Mama who likes to be prepared. It includes everything from shopping lists to how to give a baby a bath step by step instructions. The sleep program did work well for us too!

  • Hatch Baby Night Light and Sound Machine | We use this all the time. The white noise sound option and gold light are our favorite but there are many different options that I’m sure we will explore. I like that I can control it with my phone from the other room and program it for naps and typical bed times. I also like that it doesn’t take up too much surface area real estate.

  • Baby Susher | Makes the same sushing sound you will find yourself doing in moments of crisis. Goes for 15 or 30 minutes. Great for travel when you don’t have your other sound machine handy. Lately, I let Stella hold and listen to it while I change her diaper so she sits still.

  • Ergo Baby 360 Carrier | I got another high-end baby carrier and I couldn’t figure out how to even put it on, much less put my infant in it. We love this for going to events where strollers aren’t easy and my arms would get tired of carrying. Stella likes to face outward, especially if we are shopping or at an outdoor event where she can people watch.