My (limited) Waco Restaurant Rotation

Brody and I knew we had to be prepared to not have the same restaurant experiences we had in Dallas (one of my favorites cities in the country!).

We love fine and fun dining. Brody always jokes that my Papa ruined me as a child because he took me to fancy restaurants and let me order whatever my heart desired. It was a huge highlight of my childhood!

Compared to Dallas, obviously Waco is a smaller city with less options. However, right about the time we blew into my husband’s small, Texas hometown, another factor was changing the scene in Waco: Magnolia. Yes, they have their own market, food trucks, a restaurant, etc. but they have also inspired other options to pop up and existing places to up their game. Some longtime locals like to complain about Magnolia like Waco is a band that they knew before they were on the radio, but me? I am SO grateful to be surrounded by young business owners with my kind of taste (and taste buds). We love Magnolia and all that it entails when it comes to food, but here are a few of Brody and I’s favorite food spots in Waco that you might not have thought of:


Milo All Day

We love this place for brunch and lunch! I’ve heard fabulous things about their dinner but this season doesn’t have us doing late night dinners out often and we when do, my husband loves to go to a less trendy steakhouse (135 Prime)


Hecho en Waco

This place is such a different experience from typical TexMex. More of a Mexico City vibe, they have the most delicious tacos and my personal favorite, Mole Enchiladas which is a difficult dish to pull off! Their atmosphere is fun and their margaritas come in all different trendy flavors. Brody’s downside but my plus side: other than the frozen margaritas, they really aren’t very strong, so you can have one and not immediately need a nap.

SLOW RISE(1).png

Slow Rise Slice House

When I first had Stella, this is the only place we would go! It is such a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere, they have fresh non-greasy pizza, great salads, AND in addition to their tons of beer options, they have Frosé and frozen peach bellini which is so fun to sip on with friends as you watch your kiddos play outside. An added bonus is that it is attached to Common Grounds Woodway so you can grab your coffee when you don’t feel like alcohol but want a special drink.



Their lobster ravioli is amazing and if your date gets the pizza make sure you ask them for some crust to soak up the sauce with. Only complaint: no changing table in the restroom.. womp womp.


Hat Creek

Our Woodway Area Mom’s go to spot! This is a chain that is throughout Texas and not only do they have fabulous burgers in a family friendly environment, but their salads and breakfast options are on point. PLUS – beer on tap and wine by the glass.

La Fiesta.png

La Fiesta

This might as well be the family cafeteria (besides George’s of course). We love their Mexican food and Thursday night’s have live music.

Brazos Valley.png

Brazos Valley Bar & Bistro

Brody gets confused when I call it this because he only knows it as “Hotel Indigo” which is technically correct as this place is their onsite restaurant. Their brunch is delicious on Saturdays AND Sundays and the multiple flavors of mimosas make us feel like we are on vacation.