We’re having another baby girl!! 

Sienna Joe Snapp is estimated to join our little flower garden sometime between Christmas and New Years! So we definitely wanted to have our babies be close in age (Brody wanted another practically the moment we brought Stella home) but were still surprised at how blessed we were for it to happen so quickly. We found out the week before our trip to California which made for a lot less cocktails but lots of excitement. 


Initially, my first trimester was rougher than I remembered Stella’s, but I think that was mostly because Stella started walking the same week we found out. No naps. No sitting. No relaxation. But all and all there has been a LOT less sickness and the exhaustion is mostly Stella’s fault, not Sienna’s.

Yes! Sienna! Everyone asks how we figure out our names and as much as I’d like to say they are family names of have certain significance, really I just give Brody a list of 30+ names and he usually only likes 1 or 2. It also is sweet that they will have the same initials. I grew up with a family of 4 girls and they all had HH initials and all were lovely, smart, fun girls. The only problem is now I have it in my head that I want 3 girls but don’t really love any other girl S names! Good thing we’ve got lots of time. Joe comes from Brody’s grandfather/is actually Brody’s first name. Stella has my grandfather’s name as her middle name (James) and who I’m also named after (Katie Jay). Our other top names were Rosie and Ruby!

Obviously, Sienna is a girl! Just like with Stella, I was CERTAIN I was having a boy. All of the old wives tales pointed a to a boy but ultimately – we’re girl parents! I’ll be totally honest and say that with Stella, I was super sad I wasn’t having a boy (which is crazy now that I know her!) I just had my heart set on it and getting used to a new idea was hard. This go-round, I was really only sad for Brody as I know I would feel so left out in a house full of boys. But he’s SUCH a good girl daddy, these beauties are so lucky! When I asked him if he was disappointed, he just pointed at Stella, rolled his eyes and smiled, aka she’s amazing, why would I not want another her? Clearly, being a girl mama has worked its charm on me and I’m THRILLED for having another doll baby to dress and empower. I’ve never loved anything more than my little flowers!! 

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