Do Realtors only represent houses in a particular price range?


I’ve heard people outside of the industry mention this and there is really some logic to it.

Do certain realtors only get access to certain prices of homes?

Do people turn down homes of a certain price because they only are open to others? In my experience, specializing in taking care of high maintenance clients is a gift that should be shared with the masses! Sure, some listings may call for a larger marketing budget than others, but all clients should receive the same amount of dedication and luxury service as any other client.


For example, I have a client who buys a $500,000 home, and then her mother is moving to town and only needs a $120,000 home, no Realtor that I have had the pleasure of working with would ever say that they couldn’t help a smaller budget.

Or if my Junior League friend wants to sell her starter home for a more spacious residence to accommodate her growing family; she can expect the same stellar service from me in selling her first home as she can when I hustle to find her the next.

That being said, it is nice to know the photographers and media companies that offer the added marketing tools, have a presence and communicate with others about a property with professionalism, and to be plugged in to certain social circles or community organizations where possible buyers might be for the type of homes you are selling/looking for.

I believe that narrowing what I specialize in to a particular price of house only narrows the perception and number of people that I will have the pleasure of serving. And though I’ve only worked with one Broker (who is fabulous), real estate is a BYOBusiness kind of business, she doesn’t care what sized contribution we make to our brokerage, so long as we are contributing with professionalism!